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My Fursona Meme by Kurvos My Fursona Meme :iconkurvos:Kurvos 3 13 Calm me by Kurvos Calm me :iconkurvos:Kurvos 2 8
Dredd Review
After the failed attempt in 1995 to adapt the Judge Dredd comics into a live action movie starring Sylvester Stallone only resulting in it being a dumb guilty pleasure at best, there was a big chance that would kill chances for a faithful adaptation to ever be produced. Everyone mainstream has viewed Judge Dredd as a joke over the years, in the same fashion people did with Batman after the Adam West TV Show. But just like with Tim Burton giving Batman a more serious dark take in 1989, a unknown director named Peter Travis gave us a more serious dark take on Dredd last year.
However, the first time I saw a trailer of it, I was very "meh, whatever" towards it, just viewing it as "yet another remake of a action movie". But then I realized... it isn't a remake at all. It's a re-imagining. And heck, it's rather low budget for a "high budget cinematic" movie. 30 million dollars... half as much as Predators costed, which was also considered a low budget cinematic action flick. That could only
:iconkurvos:Kurvos 3 9
Top 10 Most Unoriginal Movies Of All Time
I think a worse crime a movie can make than being bad is to literally have nothing new to give the audience. Might be a movie people still enjoy or even love - but since they just in the movie use what is always being used in movies, that means they do not need to think about how to make it and just automatically make them, soulless and feeling pointless to people like me.
It's all a matter of opinion maybe either way, but here we go.
10. The Shawshank Redemption
Not only do I think this is the most overrated movie of all time... but it's also incredibly unoriginal to me. It's just another prison break movie, with absolutely no new interesting twists. Yeah, it might have themes and questions in it people find interesting - but is it so wrong to have originality to go with it? It's really predictable, all the way through.
9. Van Helsing
You typecast Hugh Jackman to play the exact same character as in X-Men, but a vampire hunter instead... including havi
:iconkurvos:Kurvos 9 33
Angry Joe BS by Kurvos Angry Joe BS :iconkurvos:Kurvos 1 94 Dumbledore is gay, but... by Kurvos Dumbledore is gay, but... :iconkurvos:Kurvos 2 34
Feminism is not Equality
I will start this by saying the following - Feminism has done some really damn awesome things for women in the past. It's good it came around and gave a "fuck you" to all the bullshit repression from male authorities pushing down people for just simply belonging to the opposite gender. And I will forever with a passion criticise and question the sexism of the female gender media does. I can still not for instance get over how The Avengers has 7 main heroes in it - and the least important of them all happens to be the only female... and she is the only one with tights, and the only one who really doesn't look like a fighter but more like a skinny hot magazine photo model. Pretty damn ironic the director of the movie claims to support equality and women's rights, because the movie literally shows the opposite of just that.
But do you know what you can also react to in Avengers Feminism does not make us realize but has to do with equality? All main characters in the movie are attractive h
:iconkurvos:Kurvos 2 35
Top 10 Underrated Villains by Kurvos Top 10 Underrated Villains :iconkurvos:Kurvos 22 47 Mythical - Werewolf by Kurvos Mythical - Werewolf :iconkurvos:Kurvos 2 0 Captain Logan's Bullshit by Kurvos Captain Logan's Bullshit :iconkurvos:Kurvos 0 29 Favorite and Least Favorite Character Designs by Kurvos Favorite and Least Favorite Character Designs :iconkurvos:Kurvos 25 41 Nolan talks Bullshit by Kurvos Nolan talks Bullshit :iconkurvos:Kurvos 1 46
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Review
You know, I've avoided this movie for a long time because of it's reputation and how pointless of a remake it seems like. But now lately, I saw it on sale for an incredibly cheap price. And you know, I tend to be more forgiving on these horror remakes made by this company Michael Bay keeps producing than most people are. I actually liked the two Texas Chainsaw movies rebooting the old one, even though I think the old one is better. I dig the Friday the 13th remake and I think it's the second best of his movies second to Freddy Vs Jason (my opinion, don't attack me for it). So I thought I might be able to appreciate this movie more than most others, since I tend to in general enjoy and love even the most stupid slasher flicks.
.......... holy fuck, this movie is HORRIBLE!!! What kind of piece of shit is this?! Oh my god, how could they make it THIS bad? This has to be the worst freakin' slasher movie I have ever seen period!
What baffles me is that this movie just doesn't have ONE aweso
:iconkurvos:Kurvos 3 76
Beast - Fellwolf by Kurvos Beast - Fellwolf :iconkurvos:Kurvos 1 0 Yndera Pixel References Sheet by Kurvos Yndera Pixel References Sheet :iconkurvos:Kurvos 1 0 Sprite Figures by Kurvos Sprite Figures :iconkurvos:Kurvos 1 7

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Now when I finally managed to get this old account back after losing my password, I've grown to prefer my new account :iconkurvosvicky: and have decided to only keep this account left as a museum of sorts for my older stuff. But if you wish to follow me further, then please do so through the said KurvosVicky account. I've only removed my Iron Man 3 review and Dr Metal comic pages from this account - so please feel free to add them to your favorites again through my new account.
Overall, I hope this will lead to good things in the future. :) This might be the last I post to this account. I had a good run with it, but it feels good to have a refreshning restart.


Viktor Åkesson
Name: Viktor Åkesson.

Birthdate: January 21 1988.

Length: 1.80 meters / 5'11 feet.

Sexuality: Homosexual.



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