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August 11, 2013


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So I spotted the message board for Kung Fu Panda 3 on IMDB, and...:…

"I think Rebel Wilson will be a female Panda - Just thinking of it, she might be Po's love interest."

... no. No. Just no. No no NOOOO!!!! Oh my god, what if they WILL have this cheap way of writing the third movie?! "Hey, now we introduce more pandas thanks to the cliffhanger the second movie ended with - let's give Po a love interest of the opposite gender, because he needs to have one! Herpy derp derp!"
... Po isn't supposed to get together with anyone. Not with a female panda, not with Tigress, not even with a male panda, not with ANYONE!!!
Damnit, Dreamworks... you are not actually doing this, are you? Tell me these lunatics aren't right with what they are guessing... please?

Oh hey, a message board saying they hope Po and Tigress stays friends? Cool, I guess I am bei-... oh wait:…

"Plus, Po's likely going to meet other pandas. The pandas are supposed to be nearly extinct. The franchise is called "Kung Fu Panda". There are six films planned. There's a pattern here that doesn't seem to involve any tigers."

*sighs* Look... I love this franchise a LOT, and I do so with a passion. I have both the movies, I have the tie-in shorts to them both, and even the holiday special. And do you know what I think makes it all in general so great? They can tell these great stories with no love stories involved in them whatsoever. And I mean, Master Shifu and Master Oogway and all other Masters, can you tell me what they have all in common? They are all portrayed as being asexual, only caring about their Kung Fu and their strong bonds with their friends and equals. That's what I think makes Kung Fu Panda dare to go against the way mainstream movies are, and a big reason (among others) why I love it so much.
I swear that including a love story in the third or any of the following Kung Fu Panda movies will piss me off so much I can not describe it. This is not the place for it. Po is meant to become this Master who goes through challenges and obstacles - I don't care about seeing him get a family or even someone to be together with.

I'm not going to watch the third movie if it gives Po a love interest. I am dead serious. I might care for and love Kung Fu Panda nearly as much as Batman and DC Comics, even though Kung Fu Panda's universe is still working on expanding itself... but I will not forgive them for ruining everything with some bullshit like that.
Tigress and Po shall stay friends, and Rebel Wilson better voice a sister of Po or something like that. I mean... come on, am I really overreacting to this? Really? I know I am very angry right now, but... still.
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BlackBlueDawg Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I agree there: No love interest. It just...Wouldn't feel right. :hmm:
Kurvos Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
Indeed, my friend. :hug:
Yumi-Chu Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist
It remind me when they gave Casimodo a hot babe as Girlfriend in the Hunchback of notredame 2. Wow..WOW LOL.... SRLY That's not a fair and realistic thing that' would happen in RLF. IN RLF' Casimo = forever alone, probably. Im not being mean, just realistic
Kurvos Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
Yeah, that's something I HATE - The male can always look unappealing and unattractive... but the female? She must ALWAYS look appealing and attractive. It really does bother me a LOT, because it happens more times than I can count. Only time I've seen them making the female love interest unappealing and unattractive without it being the focus of the story is in Chicken Little... which is sad, since the movie is a piece of shit - that's basically the only good thing about it to me. XP
Morggehan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not against the idea of Po having a love intrest... but it had to work. Kung fu panda 2 was a pretty flawless movie, and that movie had no goddamn love intrest.

maybye they could give the same morale as Pat the NES Punk gave at the end of his review of Las Vegas games: i should stop spend so much time on youtube... okay, two morales. NEVER TRUST WOMEN... or at least women who wants to sell their watches.

Speaking of wich, Rebel Wilson... Rebel is a name?... lets just say i don't think the idea she playing as a panda is unjustified, and we DID see that pandas still excist at the end of Kung Fu Panda 2, so who knows what will happen?

but i do think the idea of six movies ludicrous. i mean look at Resident evil... but then again, Resident Evil was made by douchebags, always made by douchebags and always will be made by douchebags because Capcom is only one letter away from Crapcom wait what did i talk about again...?
Kurvos Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
I guess my biggest fear is that they will make the love interest "by-the-book", thinking now about it based on your comment. Made me realize that. ^^; But yeah - I mean, if they make it in a way that makes Po learn he is better on his own, that's completely fine. But... that being said, I still don't like the idea of him suggestively be into a girl or a boy whatsoever. It just rubs me the wrong way and goes against his character... Po just isn't someone to me who falls in love - to anything else than food, Kung Fu, and Kung Fu Masters, that is. It's even laughably out of character to see him fall for someone, out of pure lost or affection or such, especially after all his training and how he feels dedicated and pleased with it. You know what I'm saying? o3o;
LOL And yeah, "Rebel" is a pretty stupid name. :XD:

^^; Well, to keep the focus on Kung Fu Panda - I don't really understand why they feel the need to in total make 6 movies. It IS ludicrous in it's concept, yes. Unless they have something planned out, that is.
But I think it can be pretty obvious how they think about this. How do I mean? Well... think about it. Furious Five are 5, and with Po, they are 6. The villain of the first movie Tai Lung was a feline, just like Tigress. The villain of the second movie Shen was a bird, just like Crane. What if they will continue in that rout? So like - next they plan on including for one movie each - an insect/bug villain, a primate villain, a reptile villain... and then in the last movie, rather than having a panda as a villain, maybe a Chinese/Japanese dragon of sorts coming to life; seeing Po IS the "Dragon Warrior" after all? These are all just thoughts and theories, of course.
Morggehan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
huh... i didn't even notice about the villain being a animal the warriors had...

well lets just hope we wont get another Batman Trilogy: the first was meh, the second was wow, the third was a derpy crashlanding...

i gotta stop saying derp before it becomes offensive...
Kurvos Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
Well, those are weird things some weirdo like me would notice. :XD: LOL

Indeed. We can only hope, my friend.

LOL Nah, I don't think "derp" can get offensive. X3 Always nothing but amusing to me. :meow:
Ahturos Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
For some reason I see this story. - Female Panda one of there best fighter/explorer goes out to find Po now when his Father knows he is alive. Why he dose´t go out? Maybe he is needed or there is a crises in "Panda village" XD. And se goes out becuse "Another destiny" for Po. But maybe he dose´t belive here. It might be a trap or whatever and she as a hard time getting him along. But there might be another crisis going on Po have to take care of. And some form of Dilema is created. But as said NO LOVE INSTREST!!! In early concept för 2 Mantis was suppose to meet a Female Mantis just playing of the - Biting of the head. Thing. But skiped it. So yeah no love intrest if it is´t really, really out of the ordenary. Or how about this. Po maybe have a canflict about if he may or not like her but in the end finds in himself he dose´t - I LIVE FOR KUNG FU!!!!
Kurvos Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
I like your concept in a way, since it could work better like that. Though, that could prove to be annoying too. But I'm not sure, it could work as said. XP But yeah, it must to me strictly make sure he will not get a love interest. But to make him hesitate on if he likes one who's in love with him or such, feeling like he need to know and search himself? That's fine if they will then be so daring to as you say make him simply state he LIVES for Kung Fu. Just imagine what a "Fuck yeah!" it would give the audience. :XD:
Also, I giggled at "Panda Village". X3
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