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October 30, 2012
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Okay, dearest Star Wars prequel haters... I want to give you guys one final honest chance, and I will treat you with as much respect as I can.

To quote someone else... George Lucas didn't ruin Star Wars. You guys did. You had certain expectations with the prequels, and they didn't meet up with them. You say they could have done anything if it wasn't so "bad"? So wait... you are saying the original trilogy is better than the prequels? I could riff the living shit out of the original trilogy if I just had the right tools to do so, and the time and patience to... not to mention, the need to.

Let's face facts here. Star Wars aren't flawless masterpieces. Star Wars aren't meant to be deep clever movies. Star Wars are just some fun actionpacked popcorn entertainment. It might have some emotional moments? Yeah, sure. But that doesn't just go for the original trilogy - the end of the final battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan in Episode 3 was pretty damn emotional too.
I can compare so much. Jar Jar Binks is annoying? So is C-3PO. Bad acting in the prequels? There's plenty of that in the prequels too. Some effects are bad in the prequels? Yeah, and the effects in the original trilogy are all SO flawless, right? I mean, especially the stop motion Rancor, right? :P When he grabbed the green pig and also Luke later, I totally felt like everything was there. 100% authentic, man.
I can go on and on, but I think I made my point... hopefully. I just wish you could stop whining and complaining. The Midi-Chlorians didn't make any sense to you? It ruined the Force for you? I can not believe how many people misinterpreted this. For the last time; the Midi-Chlorians are NOT the Force. They are there to MEASURE the POTENTIAL of the Force. I understood this even the first time I saw it back in 1999... and I was 11, people!

But I get it. Your hatred makes you blind. And look... it's not really worth it, haters. Nothing should be hated to the extent you hate this. Even IF everything you say would be valid, it's just not worth it. I think Twilight are pretty damn dumb movies - but am I doing what prequel haters does? Not even close. It's because you care so much about the original trilogy? Uhm... how do I put this nicely? THEY ARE JUST MOVIES! I can even make a parallel to Twilight since it ruined vampires to me and many others.
But I mean... do I say fans of Twilight deserves to die, like prequel haters says about the prequel fans? No. That would have been unfair, immature and stupid. I remember in Cinema Snob's vlog he made after he and his friends watched Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, and one of his friends straight out says prequel haters should hang themselves... and he just laughs and makes a small statement that his point doesn't reflect the view on it TGWTG has. He just acts as if it's not a big deal he has a friend being THIS psychotic about it. It's disturbing, people.
Let's take another example. Would I ever say Twilight hasn't been bashed enough? No. I actually think it's kinda overdone by now. And hell, the prequels gets even MORE bashing than that. And despite this... Spoony One, AKA Noah, said in his fifth part of his commentary to To Boldly Flee that the prequels haven't been bashed enough. This isn't a character of Noah - this is his own personal point of view, and he is dead serious about it. It's not only juvenile to be like this, but it's also irrational and unhealthy... even a bit psychotic, as I said before too.

Star Wars doesn't belong to you, haters. It doesn't "belong" to anyone but George Lucas, really. And stop acting like the original trilogy means SO much, okay? They are family entertainment. That's right, I said it... and I will say it again - STAR WARS IS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT!!! It's on the same level as Harry Potter in terms of storytelling and rating and quality. It's just meant to be a really fun and awesome experience... something you don't need to think a whole lot about, not to deep or anything. Star Wars isn't like The Lord of the Rings or such things. It's actually much easier to melt than that.

Do you want to know the whole reason why the original trilogy is so precious to you? Because of it's groundbreaking visual effects. I swear to everything I hold dear - you wouldn't care NEARLY as much about it if it wasn't for those effects. Those are half the reason why the story "works".
You come up with such odd and obscure arguments for hating the prequels... like how you felt the lightsaber fights where more authentic in the original trilogy, and more choreographed in the prequels? Uhm... are you serious? The difference between the lightsaber fights in the original trilogy and the prequels is that in the prequels, they are using actual TECHNIQUES. In the original trilogy, they just wave around their sabers in a brutal and primitive way, barely moving their bodies. Not even the slightest bit of tempo - just primeval rage. Or well, except the lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in Episode 4, which just basicly looks like two retired old farts trying to play around with swords acting like little kids.

I love both the new and old Star Wars movies, people. They are all really fun and entertaining movies... well, with the half exception of Episode 2, which I can admit had some painful scenes in it.
But come on... the constant argument I keep see popping up for even Episode 2 which I can agree on is kinda bad, is the one single line of dialogue where Anakin says he hates sand. Really now, haters? That little moment was hurting you so much, you have to bring it up again and again? Okay, I can play your game. How about the pointless teasing dialogue between Leia and Han Solo in the original trilogy - Episode 5 especially? "Oh, but that was quirky and memorable!", you say? As for me, I just found it pointless and annoying. Especially since I've always hated the love cliché in movies where we see two people hate each other just to end up loving each other. I honestly couldn't buy when they DID fall in love with each other because of this. Yes, it's as absurd to me as Ron getting together with Hermione in Harry Potter. You guys complain about Anakin and Padmé, but at least I could buy THAT as being a authentic way to handle it. It's not true love, sure - but they can relate to each other, and both have a hard time handling their situations.

What I am essentially saying is that this is all about personal opinions, dear haters. You PREFER the original trilogy? That's awesome. More power to you. But that doesn't make it wrong to also love and even prefer the prequels, okay?
Why are you guys acting so spoiled about this anyway, demanding George Lucas to satisfy your own selfish needs? It's his own stuff - he is allowed to do this. Yeah, big shock, right? And again, they are just MOVIES. They can not hurt you unless you let them. You don't like the prequels? DO NOT WATCH THEM. Easy, isn't it? Yes, of course you are allowed to watch them despite hating them and review them and everything - but if you take it so personal and you let your hatred take the best of you, then I would say it's unhealthy for you.

Please, please... haters, you are just making us all feel bad. You make yourselves feel bad for letting your hatred be on such a irrational level, and you make us feel bad for you and for mankind. Is it worth it, really? I don't think so. The Star Wars prequels didn't kill your mom - because a movie is incapable of actually killing people. It can be a contributing factor, but you can't blame a movie for that. The prequels haven't done anything bad. In fact, they expanded on the universe, which lead to some really awesome stuff - such as a whole bunch of new games, not to mention the Clone Wars show. It's you haters who makes it bad with your whining and ranting and bickering.
Leave it alone, please. Let us enjoy and love it. We can avoid and ignore your hatred of the movies you say? Sure, but then again, you guys can avoid and ignore the prequels if you hate them so much in the first place.

They are planning on doing Star Wars Episode VII, and now you are ranting about that? Take a chill pill. You don't need to watch it. Why are you even judging it before it's released? We don't know anything about it yet, dangit. Let us fans look forward to it, please. We fans of the prequels ARE nice people, haters. You can be too - I am sure of it. Just get over this hatred already, alright? I can not emphasize this enough - JUST GET OVER IT, PLEASE. Believe it or not, I am a nice and caring person - and I am saying this to all you haters because I want us all to feel good, including you. :hug:
Info about Episode VII can be found here: [link]

I would also like to share this nice video as well: [link]
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Hollohill Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
Reading this whole thing was almost as boring as watching the prequels.
StartheDarkrai Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014   Artist
Funny, I think the biggest reason why George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney is because of the non-stop hatred towards him, the prequels, and the changes he made to the originals. Nice going guys, what a way to break a man's confidence in himself!

Ugh, the haters for the prequels make me sick, I grew up watching them in theaters, and back-to-back with the originals when they were released on DVD, and while I can see the flaws today, I still love them, hell I even cried during Revenge of the Sith, bring it on haters I can see you throwing the torches at me already. 

Star Wars is one of my all time favorite sagas, and I will continue to defend the prequels. I have no idea how the new trilogy will turn out, but I hope I will enjoy it. 

If I can say one thing to George Lucas, I would say. "Thank you." 
FrankRT Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly can't have anything against the prequels. I have... nothing. I'm just worried about the alterations that are being made to all six films!!
ShadeTelos Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
My problem with this review is it comes across more as an angry-fanboy ranting than anything intelligent. You use rather atrocious reasoning, argument, and logical fallacies in this review.

It would take another essay in numerous lengths to counter argue your points properly. I don’t feel like wasting my time doing that. However, these will just be kind of general.
” You fail to understand and misrepresent criticism levied against this film. A great example, is your entire paragraph about midi-chlorians. People don’t hate the concept of because they think it is the force, though it rather destroys the concept of the Force. You make sweeping generations against so called “haters”.

I don’t care that you enjoy the Phantom Menace or any of the other prequel films. It doesn’t make you any less of a person because it. I.E. stupid.  I do care about good reasoning and arguments to back up an opinion.
ShadeTelos Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Wrong post.
Son-of-Torgo Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
The OT was better because the main characters actually seemed like friends that cared about one another, the actors playing them had great chemistry, the lightsaber duels were emotional and engaging because of what was at stake (something only the Anakin/ Obi-Wan duel in Episode III can claim, and even that was overlong, overly flashy, involved too many set pieces, and was therefore silly), we had iconic scenes accompanied by memorable music, such as Luke gazing longingly at the Tatooine sunset, there were silly, goofy moments, but we were never whacked over the head with them (I'm looking at you Jar Jar) and we were never, ever subjected to poo poo and fart humour once!

The OT had heart, spirit. There was some bad dialogue, but nothing as cringe-worthy as the worst lines uttered in Episodes I, II, and III. The OT had great, genuinely menacing villains. What did the Prequels have? A tattooed horned guy with no role in the plot except to fight a duel at the end of Phantom Menace; a pompous old ex-Jedi turned politician (played by a legendary and talented actor) who never gets to do much of anything, and then dies; a younger version of the main villain from Return of the Jedi, who while immensely fun, is basically his ROTJ Emperor turned up to eleven and is rather hard to take seriously.

The Clone Wars cartoon (may it rest in peace) was great, not only because of the writing, voice acting, animation, and all the love and care that went into it, but because it managed to take the gargantuan, disappointing mess that was the Prequels and make something good out of it. As far as I'm concerned, Clone Wars cartoon is the Prequels. It is only here that Anakin Skywalker is sympathetic, a likeable cross between Luke and Han; a good-hearted rogue who is easy to root for and whose eventual fate is actually sad. It is in the Clone Wars that Maul is redeemed and Count Dooku is allowed to show his real potential as a villain. They even did their best with Jar Jar Binks, even if he wasn't worth saving and could have been shoved off to the side.
amberanime Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Final note   a quote:

“Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys.”
Scylar Tyberius, Sebastian the Great

And isn't that the truth. Grown ups going all hating on the younger people and fellow adults who do not join the hate game.

Little guys: The people who like the prequels. There are much more out there then you think, but they fear to show themselves becouse of that hate and the mean people dominating the fandom on internet.  

And then some quotes  FROM THE ORIGINAL MOVIES no  less..... :

- Anger, fear, aggression... the dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. ( aggression.. dark side... hello you awake? All that agressive bashing you do is not very healthy for you. Good thing you are all are not force sensitve, we would have to much dark side wielders around I think. ;) )

- Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; HATE leads to SUFFERING.  (Enough said, Thanks Yoda!)

- Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly upon our own point of view.  (haters: your opinion is not a fact)

- Who's more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him.  (I'll let you think about this one :P )

Listen to Yoda and Obi-Wan man. They know what they are talking about! Try to actually honor the movies and characters you claim to love by listening to their lessons  ok? We will talk more after that. Thank you. :)
amberanime Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Ok one last line becouse it was to fun to resist    to all you haters:  I find your lack of faith disturbing.
amberanime Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Fully agreed,  I like all 6 movies and just want be able to share to my love for star wars with other fans. I want to spread the love for the movies not the hate. I am always sad when the prequel haters call people idiots or morons and  laugh in your face becouse you happen to like that movie. They are like bullies. Which is funny in  a sad way becouse the movies they love so much are all about taking down the bullies (to put it in a childish way)

 It is all about not letting hatred and anger take over! Fight the dark side!  And what do the fans of the movies who say that message do? They HATE and bash the prequals......Like how can you do exactly what your so loved movies tell you not to do.....I am confused by your behavior haters. You do not make sense.   And They don't stop with just not liking it, no they have to go an insult and demean people, make them feel bad about themselves and start fights on places and discussions that should be used for sharing our love for that world.

Behavior wise it's like the sith love the originals and the jedi the prequals.... Becouse most prequel fans are nice and give arguments why they love the movie. MOst of the time they get reactions like ''Your retarded, hang yourself, your crazy, I pity your taste  bla bla bla....Why so mean? Why is it a crime to love those movies? Stop acting like a dictator and let us enjoy the damn movies. Us ejoying them doesn't hurt anybody, you haters hating on us and the movies hurt plenty of people though. Haters ruin star wars. Not the movies.

Please haters, you don't have to like the prequels, but they are just movies and they dont feel your hatred. Their fans do. Is hurting people just becouse they like something different then you really ok in your eyes? There is another word for that. Dictatorship.   You sure you where not rooting for Palpatine instead of Luke? .....Becouse the sith lord would really like you all. So much hatred...all becouse of movies he was in.  Mission acomplished..he could say....You give star wars fans a bad name by your rude, childish and mean behavior. No it is not cool. It's sad that grown people need to hurt others to feel good about themselves. Very sad. I hope I will not become like that when I'm 30 and above.

Respect the fans of the prequals, because in a way aren't they like your little brothers and sisters? Fellow star wars fans? Does it really matter which movie we liked best? Is it not more fun to focus on the fact we both love star wars?

Lets share the love for it people, not spread the hate. It is uncalled for. And people who have not seen the original movies and start with the prequels have no problems with them most of the time. Or at least not more problems then they have with the original ones. I have 4 friends that never watched star wars before and I introduced them to it. They have seen all 6 movies, loved all 6 movies and even preferred the prequels becouse the old effects of the old movies where a little hard to watch for people used to this modern world. But none the less they all loved all 6 movies.

And my family, who all is into syfy and fantsay liked the prequels too. That includes over 10 people who grew up with the originals!  (Don't listen to the haters, unlike popular believe they are not the majurity, most star wars fans don't mind the prequels, it's just haters like getting attention more then lovers it seems. But then again Nice people don't feel the constand need to push their opinions down people's throat like it's a fact. They say the prequels are good for different reasons and believe most if the flaws those movies have are in fact the same flaws the originals have as well. Woody acting by some, ewoks and Jar jar (I didn't mind either of them though, my dog looks like an Ewok :P ) and others things.    They are all inteligent people who dug themselves into books and study human behavior and science, philosophy as a HOBBY.   But point is, they believe the haters are acting very immature and so do I. Seeing as most of the Haters are adults (they all claim they grew up with the original movies) that should be all more the reason not to lash out at your youngsters that much and to act in such way. That is a bad example to the youth. You are teaching them it is ok to redicule and insult people just becouse they have different tastes.  What is next? Disowning your son becouse he prefers a pear over your apple? If that kind of behavior is something to look foreward to for us younger people when we grow older then I fear for human kind as a whole. No adult should act like that.

Really haters...act like your age would make us believe you adults.  Thank you.
iamaninsomniac Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
I agree with this argument, though I do believe you laid it on a bit thick.
But you would be excellent at writing speeches. You support your arguments, and then provide support for the opposite side.
Like I said, good points, but the words could be a tad nicer.
Great work!
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